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Symphonic Tale: The Rune of Beginning (Music from Suikoden II) - Budapest Symphony Orchestra (Compact Disc)


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The story centers on the reigniting of a war between the City States of Jowston and the Kingdom of Highland. In order for Highland to rekindle the war, it betrays and destroys its own Unicorn Youth Brigade, and it blames the destruction on its enemy, the City States of Jowston. The protagonist and his best friend, Jowy Atreides, are new soldiers of the Unicorn Youth Brigade of Highland who manage to escape the destruction and hide. Then, their own country of Highland scapegoats them as traitors and sentences them to death. However, they are helped to flee to the City States of Jowston. Then they happen upon the two halves of the Rune of Beginning (one of the twenty-seven True Runes that were said to be the sources of many powers and phenomena in the world). The two friends eventually become separated and find themselves facing off against each other in the war, the protagonist on the side of the City States and Jowy on the side of Highland. With 108 Stars of Destiny, friends, families, and allies gathered around the Rune, the two young men fight each other, just as the Black Sword and the Bright Shield (the two halves of the Rune of Beginning) battled each other, according to the creation legend of the world.

Original Music Authored by KDET
Arranged & Conducted by Kentaro Sato (Ken-P)
Performed by Budapest Symphony Orchestra


  1. Prologue
  2. Reminiscence
  3. Beautiful Morning
  4. Adventurous Journey
  5. The Desire to Triumph
  6. Distant Star
  7. Bygone Days
  8. Praise to My Master
  9. Gothic Neclord
  10. A Bustling Town
  11. Even Farther
  12. A Moonlit Night
  13. Tactics
  14. Battlefield without Light
  15. Parting
  16. Drive into a Corner
  17. Requiem of Sadness
  18. The Silver Wolf
  19. Reunion
  20. A New Beginning
  21. Epilogue: 108 Stars of Destiny
  22. Passion Sets History in Motion
  23. Victory and Beyond

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