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Tekken 7 (Original Soundtrack) - Namco Sounds (4xLP Vinyl Record)


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Unlike the feuding Mishimas, Bandai Namco and Laced Records harmoniously collaborate once more to bring the TEKKEN vinyl series up to date with the TEKKEN 7 4LP box set — just don’t drop it off a cliff.
Global sales of the venerable fighting game series have smashed past 50 million units since TEKKEN 7 launched in arcades in 2015 and consoles and PC in 2017. The accessible yet technical brawler has gone from strength to strength in the era of eSports and live service games, also featuring crossover characters from Street Fighter, Fatal Fury, Final Fantasy and The Walking Dead.

Once again, an impressive roster of musical talent worked on the soundtrack, including many returning composers from previous games in the series. This time, Rio Hamamoto stepped up as lead composer, with Akitaka “AJURIKA” Tohyama and Taku Inoue pulling a heavy shift — with credits across the TEKKEN, Soulcalibur, Ridge Racer, Ace Combat and Katamari series spread between them.

In keeping with the series’ soundtracks, TEKKEN 7 features some exquisitely crafted electronic music that mixes multiple musical elements, from jazz to EDM to synthwave and beyond. While there’s a harder, more modern edge to some of the tracks, the melodrama is still thick, with opera- and metal-infused tracks helping to raise the emotional stakes as the story of the Mishima family reaches a volcanic climax. An impressive virtuosity runs throughout — be sure to listen closely to the extraordinary performances on Go Shiina’s “Duomo di Sirio, Pt. 1.”

Juxtaposed with all the fire and fury of the story mode are several expressive classical guitar pieces by Namco veteran Katsuro Tajima and notable classical composers, performed by Toshiyuki Kumagai.
Elsewhere on the OST, Swedish art metal band BatAAr contributed original song “VREDE” (Swedish for ‘wrath’) to complement Lars Alexandersson’s storyline; while Inoue’s credits songs “Aloneness” and “The Long Goodbye” were performed by Yumi Hara and Darnell Abraham respectively.

Other contributing composers include include Keiichi Okabe, Nobuyoshi “sanodg” Sano, Kensuke Inage, Yoshinori Kawamoto, Yuu Miyake, Junichi Nakatsuru, Hiroshi Okubo, Haruki Yamada and Yoshihito Yano.

75 tracks have been specially mastered for vinyl by engineer Joe Caithness, and tracks will be pressed onto audiophile-quality, heavyweight discs.In keeping with the vinyl series so far, the box set features sleeve artwork by illustrator Samuel Donato aka DXSinfinite.

This Standard Edition features traditional black discs. Four LPs come in spined inner sleeves, all housed in a deluxe gatefold box.

Track List
  1. Beginning Of The End
  2. Solitude
  3. Tonight Is The Night
  4. Fight Night
  5. Midnight Closet
  7. Canto 1
  8. Beginning
  10. DUOMO DI SIRIO 2nd
  11. Metallic Experience 1st
  12. Metallic Experience 2nd
  13. I'm Here Now 7's remix
  14. VioletSystems 1st
  15. VioletSystems 2nd
  16. Desperate Struggle
  17. Abandoned Temple Final 1st
  18. Abandoned Temple Final 2nd
  19. Arctic snowfall 1st
  20. The Motion
  21. Equator Line 1st
  22. Equator Line 2nd
  24. Moonsiders 1st
  25. Siren's Call
  26. A Grain of Sand 1st
  27. Hideaway 2nd
  28. Dojo 1st
  29. Dojo 2nd
  30. Empty Your Mind 1st
  31. Empty Your Mind 2nd
  32. BRIMSTONE & FIRE 1st
  33. BRIMSTONE & FIRE 2nd
  34. Lonesome City Jazz Party 1st
  35. Ruin 65 2nd
  36. The day before the glass matrix 1st
  37. House of Hachijyou
  38. KAZUMI's Theme
  39. Devil KAZUMI
  40. Volcano 1st
  41. Volcano 2st
  42. Heat Haze Shadow 1
  43. Heat Haze Shadow 2
  44. Aloneness
  45. The Long Goodbye
  46. VREDE
  47. Ball Wall
  48. Dream Chest
  49. Hwoarang's Ending
  50. Devil Jin's Ending
  51. Katarina's Ending
  52. Gigas's Ending
  53. Lucky Chloe's Ending
  54. Eddy's Ending
  55. Master Raven's Ending
  56. Dragunov's Ending
  57. Paul's Ending
  58. Panda's Ending
  59. Josie's Ending
  60. Kuma's Ending
  61. Bob's Ending
  62. Bryan's Ending
  63. Steve's Ending
  64. Nina's Ending
  65. Aska's Ending
  66. Xiaoyu's Ending
  67. Claudio's Ending
  68. Feng Wei's Ending
  69. Law's Ending
  70. Yoshimitsu's Ending
  71. Miguel's Ending
  72. Shaheen's Ending
  73. King's Ending
  74. Jack's Ending
  75. Eliza's Ending

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