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Temtem (Original Soundtrack) - Damian Sanchez (3x Compact Disc)


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Black Screen Records is excited to announce that Damián Sánchez’ chill and joyful orchestral soundtrack to Crema’s massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure Temtem will be available on limited edition 3xLP Picture Disc vinyl. You get 47 songs and the three starters Crystle, Smazee and Houchic in one beautiful trifold set with gorgeous artwork by Alex Muñoz and Cristina Jiménez. The vinyl and CD both come with a download card for the full digital soundtrack including all tracks.


Temtem’s original game soundtrack is a melodic journey through the adventures on the Airborne Archipelago. A mixture of musical styles and flavors ranging from the chill and joyful orchestral sounds from Deniz to the most vivid and chrer-ish celtic dances from Arbury, through the folk and peacefulness of Omninesia, the mysterious glassy mallets of Tucma, the warm drums and flutes of Kisiwa, and the modern-versus-traditional Asian tunes in Cipanku.

Discover the traditions of each isle through its instrumental palette and melodies, and vibe with the rhythms of the combat themes while you become the greatest Temtem tamer.

The aim of this physical edition it’s always been to give our fans not only another way of listening to Temtem’s soundtrack, but to make a piece of art they would love to display on their shelves or even hang on a wall.

Both teams at Crema and Black Screen Records worked really hard for a long time to cherry-pick the best ideas and come up with these incredibly beautiful editions.
We are really proud of these products and we really hope you enjoy them! – Damián Sánchez


Temtem is a massively multiplayer online adventure where you’ll get to explore the colorful and exciting Airborne Archipelago with all your friends and other players! Discover, tame and battle the Temtem that inhabit these islands, and maybe save the Archipelago in the process?

Temtem offers a lengthy story campaign in a fully online world, and the possibility of playing the entire adventure in Co-op with a friend; a rich, complex, RNG-free combat experience, and competitively oriented gameplay, with challenges for all play styles; a bustling economy and trading environment; advanced character customization, housing and a myriad of ways to express yourself!

Track List


  1. Zadar
  2. Prasine Coast
  3. Untamed Encounter
  4. Briçal de Mar
  5. Temporium
  6. Tamer Battle
  7. Arissola
  8. Windward Fort
  9. Belsoto Battle
  10. Lady Lottie
  11. Arissola Dojo
  12. Dojo Master
  13. Sillaro River
  14. Sea-Queen's Aquarium
  15. Aguamarina Caves
  16. Turquesa
  17. Max
  18. Narwhal
  19. Nanga
  20. The Canopath
  21. Mokupuni
  22. Omninesian Dojo
  23. Anak Volcano
  24. Dr. Hamijo
  25. Giant Banyan
  26. Air Pirates


  1. Wreck of the Narwhal
  2. Corrupted Badlands
  3. Bandit Hideout
  4. Prison of Quetzal
  5. Mines of Mictlan
  6. Quetzal
  7. Quetzal Dojo
  8. Gardens of Aztlan
  9. Kakama Cenote
  10. Kupeleleza
  11. Jino Gap
  12. Vumbi
  13. Vumbi Dojo
  14. Nuru Lodge
  15. Upinzani
  16. Chini Grotto
  17. Tasa Desert
  18. The Battle of Uhuru
  19. General X
  20. Uhuru
  21. Kilima Peaks
  22. Neoedo
  23. Iwaba
  24. Neoedo Dojo
  25. Onsenshima
  26. Ryokan
  27. Pillars of Highabove
  28. Miyako Village
  29. Sacred Lake
  30. The Highbelow
  31. Telobos


  1. Visions
  2. Loch Aduar
  3. Lochburg
  4. Lochburg Dojo
  5. Meadowdale
  6. Mudshire Cromlech
  7. Properton
  8. Properton Dojo
  9. Sewers of Properton
  10. Greenglen Forest
  11. Burned Woodlands
  12. Braeside Castle
  13. The Last Fight
  14. Pansolar Beam
  15. Arbury Whistles
  16. Credits Roll
  17. Main Menu
  18. Home Sweet Home

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