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Terra Magica (Compact Disc)


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Physical CD version of Terra Magica comes in a sleeve case with one disc and digital Liner Notes by Saori Kobayashi, Eri Ito, Yumiko Takahashi, Manabu Kusunoki and Yukio Futatsugi.


Terra Magica is a love letter from Saori Kobayashi to her fans. Featuring the same rich, melodic tones that defined the iconic soundtracks of Panzer Dragoon Saga and Panzer Dragoon Orta, Kobayashi invites listeners to enter the world she has created, while encouraging them to create their very own story to match the progression of the music.

Joining Kobayashi are Eri Ito, vocalist from Panzer Dragoon Saga and Panzer Dragoon Orta, as well as Kobayashi's AKANE band mate Yumiko Takahashi, vocalist from Panzer Dragoon Orta and Suikoden II. Adding to the rich melodies of Terra Magica are Takahiro Izutani and his signature guitar sound, and Michiru Yamane, composer of the Castlevania series, in her Brave Wave debut. The cover was designed by the Panzer Dragoon series' illustrator, Manabu Kusunoki, with Liner Notes by all of the above as well as Panzer Dragoon series director Yukio Futatsugi.

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