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Dandara (Original Soundtrack) - Thommaz Kauffmann (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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The Dandara soundtrack features over one hour of ethereal, surreal and organic music created specifically for the exploration of the Salt's surreal world. Blending eclectic electronic scores with sweeping, melodious soundscapes, Thommaz Kauffmann's masterful score is like taking a ride into a new, wonderous land.

Wrapped up in a beautiful 800gsm custom Japanese silk hardboard tip-on gatefold with a rough, black and white aesthetic, this vinyl release is a work of art. The 2xLP 180G record is housed in two beautiful printed inner sleeves.

  • Black 2xLP Edition
  • Composed, produced and mixed by Thommaz Kauffmann
  • Artwork by Luísa Almeida
  • Game developed by Long Hat House
  • Published by Raw Fury
Track List

A1: Dandara's Purpose
A2: Gap Between Worlds
A3: A New Hope
A4: Their Pleas Echoed Through Time
A5: No More Singing Birds
A6: Once A Beautiful Horizon
A7: Remain in Oblivion
A8: Weight of a Doubt
A9: Mãe

B1: A Leap Towards Freedom
B2: Crumbling Memories
B3: Eternal Sigh
B4: Lingering Question
B5: Hidden in Logic
B6: Hopefully a Nightmare
B7: Golden Menace

C1: Golden Fortress
C2: The Relentless Choir
C3: Stories of Freedom
C4: Dandara's Legacy
C5: Hidden Thoughts Beyond the Crimson Maw
C6: Resolutely Unimpressed
C7: Not Born for This
C8: Not Made for This
C9: Not Ready for This
C10: Restless Machines

D1: The Defeated Crone
D2: Rushed Ouroboros
D3: That Party You Can't Miss
D4: Violent Ambush
D5: Chained Wings
D6: Hesitant Salt
D7: Menina
D8: Tormented Mind
D9: Weight of a Change
D10: Stories of Peace
D11: Dandara's Fanfare

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