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The Darkside Detective 1+2 Soundtrack Selections (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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Where cultists croon, where demons dance, where the occult... oscillates?

Materia Collective is proud to continue its partnership with Akupara Games and present the 2xLP soundtrack selection album of The Darkside Detective, featuring the best music composed and recorded by eerie Ben Prunty and wailing Thomas O'Boyle.

You'll find the musical styling of The Darkside Detective. Music born outside time and space that has seeped through the unwilling mindsponges of two very organic bards into their very inorganic synthosomethings, MUSIC FROM THE B-SIDE OF THE UNIVERSE is the perfect album for when life needs a few extra pixels.

Warning! Side effects of playing may include mild hauntings in nearby discotheques, banging on the floor by the old man who lives below you,
or your friends going home for the night.

Records are 33rpm, 180g colored swirls. The logo and flavor text on the front cover are printed with special glow-in-the-dark ink. LPs are housed in a gatefold jacket. 

Layout by Isa Alcántara.


Side A
A Town Unlike Any Other
The Darkside Division
Occult for Dummies
Tome Alone
Ghost Whisperer
66-6 St.
Darkside Portal
Happy Retirement

Side B
Goblins-and-Ghouls Division
The Truth is Around Here Somewhere
The Gem of Osiris
Entirely Legal Ritual Components
Smithy's Graveyard
Bonus Track: Busty Belle's Booty Boutique

Side C
A Fumble in the Dark
The Darkside Beckons
That Also Went Well
Of Acorns and Betrayal
Flaming Chairs and Waterballoons
Preach on the Dancefloor (Pastor Farrelly Mix)
Fadó Fadó
Launch Sequence

Side D
Say Hello to Shingles
The Carnival Ate My Hamster
El Doolio's Theme
Cage Rage
We're Gonna Need a Bigger Reunion
Turn Back the Clocks
On the Case




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