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The Legend of Heroes: Trails In The Sky SC Original Soundtrack 4xLP - Black


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Released back in 2006, Trails in the Sky Second Chapter continued right where First Chapter left off after one of the largest sequel hooks in gaming. Nihon Falcom delivered an immensely satisfying emotional rollercoaster of Japanese Role Playing Game.

Relieve this iconic Japanese Role Playing game classic's wonderful adventure with Its iconic music composed by Falcom Sound Team jdk Amplifying every moment of the story, battles you encounter, and moments in between with songs such as "Looking up at The Sky", "Merciless Saviour, and "Truth Behind The Tragedy" alongside with the rest of the soundtrack evoking a deeper emotional range alongside Sky Second Chapters phenomenal story.

This release will feature the complete soundtrack spread across four discs with the entire package adorned with artwork from Nihon Falcom's archives. The whole package features 180g 4LPs packed in two separate 350 gsm gatefold jackets with an 8-page art booklet featuring even more artwork and translations of Sky Second Chapter opening theme "Gin no Ishi, Kin no Tsubasa", and the ending theme of "I Swear".

From the game series The Legend of Heroes.


Disc 1

Side A
  1. Silver Will, Golden Wings Game Opening Version
  2. Welcome to Le-Locle
  3. Strepitoso Fight
  4. Fight with Assailant
  5. Feelings Soar With the Wind SC Ver.
  6. Obstructive Existence
Side B
  1. Feeling Danger Nearby
  2. Sora wo Miagete
  3. Conspiracy
  4. Be Depressed Visions
  5. Continuation of the Dream

Disc 2

Side C
  1. Lurking Shadow in the Wilderness
  2. Great Awe
  3. Infiltration
  4. Heartless Surprise Attack
  5. Flying Battleship Glorious
  6. Etude of the Ruin
Side D
  1. Gospel Project
  2. Hamel
  3. Looming Threat
  4. The Fate of The Fairies
  5. HOSHI NO ARIKA Instrumental Ver.

Disc 3

Side E
  1. The Hidden True Form
  2. Enforcers
  3. Fateful Confrontation
  4. Unleashed Greatest Treasure
  5. The City Where the Lights Went Out
  6. GIN NO ISHI Super Arrange Version
Side F
  1. On the Side of the Goddess
  2. Broken Wings
  3. Floating City Liber-Ark
  4. Aiming for the Future
  5. Central Tower "Axis-Piller"
  6. Gravestone Struck By Lightning

Disc 4

Side G
  1. The Truth Behind the Tragedy
  2. Outskirts of Evolution
  3. The Merciless Savior
  4. Back to Friends
Side H
  1. Whereabouts of Hope
  2. Where the Bonds Are
  3. I swear... / Kanako Kotera
  4. Shine of Eidos -SORA NO KISEKI-
  5. Silver Will, Golden Wings (Bonus Track)

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