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The Legend of Heroes: Trails In The Sky the 3rd Original Soundtrack 4xLP - Black


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Released back in 2007, Trails in the Sky the 3rd served as an epilogue to the Liberl region giving fans time with the characters they've fallen in love with over the course of the First and Second Chapter, not to mention giving peeks into the current events of other regions players will only have heard in passing that will appear in future entries.

Relieve this Japanese Role-playing game classic's wonderful adventure through Its fantastic Falcom Sound Team jdk composed soundtrack!
Focusing more on creating an otherworldy and exotic score to match the setting of the story. Falcom Sound Team jdk delivered a soundtrack that is more ethereal in texture and more unconventional in composition to deliver unique tracks for this entry such as "The Hermit's Garden", "Labyrinth of Shadows and Light", and "Overdosing Heavenly Bliss" that remains unmatched throughout the rest of the series so far!

Every single song composed specifically for this game is featured and spread across four discs with the entire package adorned with artwork from Nihon Falcom's archives. The whole package features 180g 4LPs packed in two separate 350 gsm gatefold jackets with an 8-page art booklet featuring even more artwork and translations of Sky the 3rd's opening theme "Cry for Me, cry for you" and the ending theme of Looking Up at the Sky (Ending Version)".

From the game series The Legend of Heroes.


Disc 1

Side A
  1. Cry for Me, Cry for You Opening Version
  2. Luxury Airship "Lusitania"
  3. Assault
  4. Singularity of the Origin
  5. The Stone of Recluse
  6. Uninvited Guests
Side B
  1. Uninvited Guests
  2. Fighting Right On
  3. This Is Our Real Power!
  4. The Garden of Recluse
  5. The Circular Corridor
  6. Determination of Fight
  7. Close to the Brink

Disc 2

Side C
  1. Oh Goddess, Have Mercy...
  2. Cradle Where Feelings Rest
  3. Parallel Universe
  4. The Castle at Dusk
  5. I've Forgotten You
  6. Golden Road, Silver Road
  7. Something Precious
Side D
  1. Illusionary Blue Flower
  2. A Still World
  3. Beard the Lion in His Den
  4. The Crimson Stigma
  5. The Lord of Phantasma
  6. Labyrinth of Light and Shadow
  7. The Black Ark

Disc 3

Side E
  1. Aster House
  2. Reminiscence
  3. Stairway to Gehenna
  4. The Abyss
  5. Masquerade of Lies
Side F
  1. The Final Choice
  2. Overdosing Heavenly Bliss
  3. Magnificence in the Wilderness
  4. Castle of Illusions (Phantasmagoria)
  5. The Way of the Heart

Disc 4

Side G
  1. Cry for your Eternity
  2. Banquet of frenzy
  3. Dreamy and Boisterous Holy Land
  4. To Meet Again Someday
Side H
  1. Looking Up at the Sky Ending version
  2. Faint Glitter of Light (Title)
  3. Wildcat's Counteroffensive Operation
  4. Forever Great Angler King
  5. Till the Night of Glory
  6. The Mood of the Goddess Depends on Luck
  7. The Mystery of the Sky is Kiseki de Pon!
  8. Cry for Me, Cry for You

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