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The Outer Worlds (Original Soundtrack) - Justin E. Bell (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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Fans of The Outer Worlds can now experience the game’s dramatic score from composer Justin E. Bell on vinyl for the first time. The Outer Worlds Original Soundtrack – Vinyl Edition features a curated selection of 24 of the most memorable songs that highlight the brilliant locales, unforgettable characters, and thrilling moments players experience in the award-winning RPG.

The Outer Worlds Original Soundtrack – Vinyl Edition was mastered for vinyl by James Aparicio and pressed by Memphis Record Pressing on 180g vinyl with a full gatefold jacket featuring custom artwork. It’s a two-record set pressed on special colored vinyl. This magnificent vinyl set is perfect for music fans or those who want an incredible piece for their The Outer Worlds collection.

Select songs were performed by a 70-piece orchestra and featured solos by internationally renowned low flute specialist Peter Sheridan. Peter played the rare contrabass flute and subcontrabass flute which you can hear in the opening of Hope (Title Theme).


Track List

Side A

Hope (Title Theme) – 7:45

Hope, Forever – 2:00

Left Adrift (Character Creation) – 4:19

Phineas Escapes – 1:07

Journey's Beginning – 0:58

Our Heroes Stamp Out Dissonance – 1:37

It's Not the Best Choice! – 0:45

Side B

Edgewater – 7:07

Emerald Vale – 5:55

Soldiers Earning Their Bonus – 2:02

We're All Counting On You – 2:09

Better Than Nature! – 0:48

Side C

Groundbreaker – 7:13

It's Rizzo's! – 1:01

Stellar Bay – 2:51

Byzantium – 4:09

Shady Corporate Town... – 3:15

Side D

Prosperity Awaits You in the Stars – 0:39

Live Free, Die Free – 7:17

Terraforming, One Bullet at a Time – 1:50

The Hope – 3:48

Skip the Hope – 1:01

Journey's End (End Slides) – 3:50

Hope (Ragtime) – 0:31

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