The Red Lantern (Original Soundtrack) - Hrishikesh Hirway (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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In developer Timberline Studio’s The Red Lantern, you play as The Musher, a woman who has abandoned her life in the city in order to chase her dreams of dogsledding in the Alaskan mountains.

The resulting experience contrasts the beauty and tranquility of nature with the challenges of surviving in a harsh and unforgiving world. Moments of calm are interrupted by the stark realities of survival as you manage the weather, your hunger, and your dogs’ exhaustion.

The game’s music is reflective of this delicate balance, too. In it, composer Hrishikesh Hirway (of Song Exploder fame!) has arranged a soundtrack that brings to mind thoughts of isolation, tranquility, loneliness, endurance, and, ultimately, victory in the face of impossible challenge.

iam8bit is super proud to bring the music of The Red Lantern to vinyl with this release. Presented on Aurora Purple vinyl and wrapped up in gorgeous album art by the incomparable Haley bbanditt Wakefield, it’s a tribute to everything we love about the game and a celebration of the awe-inspiring beauty of nature itself.

Release Notes

  • Single LP on Aurora Purple Vinyl
  • Music by Hrishikesh Hirway
  • Album Art by Haley bbanditt Wakefield
  • Note: Artwork not final
Track List


  1. Breathe In
  2. There Are No Bad Dogs
  3. Take the Lead
  4. I Think I See Something
  5. Fresh Snow
  6. A Warm Fire


  1. Holiday Lights
  2. It's Going to Be Okay
  3. Cold Smoke
  4. A Moment to Rest
  5. Always Have a Plan B
  6. Survival
  7. Breaking Trail
  8. Coming Home

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