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The World is Square - Mustin (Compact Disc)


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4-panel booklet containing a CD. Comes in a clear plastic sleeve with a sticky edge.

I have had the pleasure of working with so many people on so many projects, from my humble beginnings at OC ReMix and Project Majestic Mix, through being a founder of OneUp Studios and The OneUps, to scoring commercials, making beats for Nerdcore artists and beyond. Somewhere in there I've found pockets of time to work on a solo album--a celebration of my favorite time in gaming: the (then) Squaresoft RPG. Having completed the first track in 2003, this has been a 15+ year project in the making. I realized I was having a hard time finishing it and because there was no deadline and no set list of goals--unlike the other projects I've completed--so I asked Jayson at Scarlet Moon to release this album for me so that I would have some accountability. He agreed, and I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks to Jayson for helping me rein in a record; Sebastian for his help and encouragement in the release; Frank for putting up with my tenacious mixing requests (you are now Saint Frank, my friend); Jaclyn for recording on that first track 15 years ago (!); Tim, William, Yusef, and Ailsean for their wonderful performances; Elaine for bringing the music to life; Lisa & Jennifer for your inspiring, collaborative performance; Dale for the mixing; Connary for the fantastic artwork (you gave me exactly what I didn't even know I wanted!); Tim S., Brent, Carlito, Michaela, and everyone for their feedback; Jared for letting me use your mic and synth; to my son for his tenacity, my daughter for her spirit, and to my wife for her love, her encouragement, and her seemingly infinite patience with me--you are my greatest inspiration. Thank you to all my fans for your loyalty and your kindness--I hope you enjoy my first true solo outing. Thank you, all.


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