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Timespinner (Original Game Soundtrack) - Jeff Ball (Limited Edition 1xLP Vinyl Record)


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Materia Collective teamed up with Lunar Ray Games, Yetee Records, and Chucklefish Games to bring you Jeff Ball's amazing score for the indie hit, Timespinner.

The primary goal of this soundtrack was to recreate the nostalgia of late 1990s era game music by using and emulating the audio and music hardware available from that era. The music itself is varying in genre, from a baroque-inspired harpsichord concerto to progressive rock, with gothic and time-inspired themes used throughout. Jeff drew inspiration from incredible game composers of the 90s including Michiru Yamane, and Yasunori Mitsuda, who left incredible musical marks on games from that era. Jeff also called upon the talents of musicians Kristin Naigus, Cain German, and Christian Pacaud, who lent their amazing talents last minute for a human touch on the soundtrack. All of these factors culminated into a musical journey that can be appreciated on its own, as well as within Timespinner.

Timespinner is a beautifully pixelated 2D Metroidvania about a lone young woman who travels through time to destroy a galactic empire, created by Bodie Lee, with music composed and produced by Jeff Ball.

Artwork/packaging designed by Drew Wise & Kevin Fagaragan.

A1 Intrepidation A2 From Our Hearts A3 Memories of Tears A4 Uncertain Hope A5 Distant Recollections A6 Barren Corridors A7 Recounted History A8 Avian Capitalism A9 Provisional Sanctuary A10 Ancient Forest A11 Pioneer's Horizon A12 Call to War

B13 Masquerade of Hedonists B14 Minuet and Trio B15 Defiance B16 Echoes of the Forgotten B17 Surpassing Authority B18 From the Darkness B19 Call of the Void B20 Fear's Crown B21 Galactic Throne B22 Shears of Atropos B23 Temporal Salvage B24 The Sacrifice of Heroes

YTR-00054. This is a limited edition of 300 copies pressed on blue/umbra temporal orb wax.

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