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Tiny Tim's America - Tiny Tim (Cassette Tape)


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The brand-new album from the pioneer of Camp Rock!

Tiny Tim's America began in 1974 when Tiny Tim recorded a rehearsal tape alone in his New York City hotel room. Now, the Ship To Shore PhonoCo. has reunited Tiny with his producer Richard Barone (I've Never Seen A Straight Banana: Rare Moments, Volume 1) and his cousin, pianist and arranger Eddie Rabin, to help Tiny complete the album he began 42 years ago! Featuring Tiny's renditions of a rich collection of turn of the century, Edison cylinder-era songs, Tiny Tim's America showcases Tiny at his best; free from the constraints of producers and studios, and displaying the breadth of his musical knowledge and true depth of his ability as a performer.

ALL ABOARD! Tiny Tim is taking us for a wild ride down the gramophone horn as he resurrects the sounds of yesteryear -- his way.

This item is a pre-order and is estimated to ship around Q2 2024.

Release Notes

  • A download card is included that features the complete, unedited audio that Tiny recorded in 1974
  • A four-page, full-color booklet with liner notes from Barone, Rabin and Tiny Tim biographer Justin Martel 
  • Collection of never-before-seen photos

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Track List

A01. O'Brien Is Tryin' to Learn to Talk Hawaiian
A02. My Rose of Waikiki
A03. If the World Dont Treat You Right, Come Home (But Don't Come Around Near Me)
A04. I Get Dippy When I Do That Two -Step Dance
A05. Yours Is Not the Only Aching Heart
A06. The Leader of the German Band
A07. I'm Looking for a Sweetheart (And I Think You'll Do)

B01. So What's the Use?
B02. What Might Have Been
B03. Heinie Waltzed 'round on His Hickory Limb
B04. That Railroad Rag
B05. Are You Sincere?
B06. Pucker up Your Lips Miss Lindy
B07. Under the Matzo Tree
B08. Medley Ev'ry Ship Will Find a Harbor / When Shadows Fall

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