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Twelve Doors: Tribute to Noriyuki Iwadare (Compact Disc)


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From GrandiaLunar to Langrisser and beyond, Get ready to embark on a journey of sounds, filled with nostalgia and discovery!

Celebrating 30 years of music by Japanese video game composer legend Noriyuki Iwadare. We present you a brand new album featuring some of his most memorable and iconic melodies, beautifully arranged for violin and piano. Performed by multi-award-winning pianist Benyamin Nuss, international concert violinist Shauno Isomura, and arranged by renowned composers including Michiru Oshima (ICO, Fullmetal Alchemist), Eric Roth (A New World: intimate music from Final Fantasy, Distant World: music from Final Fantasy) and many more. Also included in the album is a world premiere track ‘Overcome’ composed especially for this album by Noriyuki Iwadare himself.


Track List
  1. Theme of GRANDIA (GRANDIA)
  2. A Deus (GRANDIA II)
  3. Grassy Plains of Illusion (GRANDIA Xtreme)
  4. Romance at Windy Isle (GRANDIA II)
  5. Theme of Rihoko Sakurai (AMAGAMI)
  6. Player Phase 1 (LANGRISSER)
  8. Lucia’s Theme (LUNAR II)
  9. The Sandy Beach of Gumbo (GRANDIA)
  10. The Final Battle (LUNAR II)
  12. Overcome (TWELVE DOORS - ORIGINAL)

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