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Undertale LIVE - Fifth House Ensemble (Compact Disc)


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Now you can bring the experience home with you in multiple exciting formats! The CD edition is trimmed to 41 highlight tracks but includes a booklet with full credits and photos from the show. It will be available early 2021.

Featuring new music arrangements for Fifth House Ensemble's acoustic dectet, drum set, and electronics by music director Eric Roth and Chris Opperman, Undertale LIVE reimagines game creator and composer Toby Fox’s beloved, quirky, genre-scrambling score as the core of an interactive show where audience members make the choice to slay or spare from the edge of their seats.

Including new versions of Undertale staples drawn from all three routes, as well as arrangements of unreleased tracks, Undertale LIVE offers fans a fresh way to experience their favorite moments, dogs, and operatic arias performed by killer robots.

Get ready to date a skeleton, sing a dog song, and SAVE the world - do you have heart?



Performed by Fifth House Ensemble
Eric Roth, Producer (AWR Music Productions)
Arrangements by Eric Roth with Chris Opperman
Based on music by Toby Fox

Sebastian Wolff, Executive Producer
Mary Kate Jiménez-Wall, Executive Producer

Recorded at AWR Music Studio, Chicago
Fifth House Ensemble directed by Eric Roth
Arnie Roth, Associate Producer
Mathew Prock, Recording Engineer
Josh Richter, Recording Engineer

Mixed by Mathew Prock and Eric Roth
Mastered by Bill Maylone

AWR Music Productions Staff: Laura Adkins, Leanne Araya, Eliza Bangert, Sally Hausken, Fritz Hocking, Marcy Roth

Fifth House Ensemble:

Melissa Ngan, flute
Grace Hong, oboe
Elizandro Garcia-Montoya, clarinet
Eric Heidbreder, bassoon
Parker Nelson, french horn
Katherine Petersen, piano

Emerson Hunton, percussion
Chuck Bontrager, violin
Sixto Franco, viola
Herine Coetzee Koschak, cello
Alex Goodin, double bass

Rozen, Product and Layout Design
Graphic Design by Isa Alcántara
Promo Video by Ro Panuganti
Cover Illustration courtesy of Fangamer

Nate Horsfall, Video Production
Trevor Alan Gomes, In-Game Capture
Dan Visconti, Show Design
Alexandra Olsavsky, Operations and Production
Monisola Gbadebo, Technical Director
Grittani Creative, Videography

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