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VA-11 HALL-A (Original Soundtrack) - Garoad (2xLP Vinyl Record) - Pink/Purple and Green/Clear Vinyl


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To celebrate the launch of everyone’s favourite booze em’ up VA­11 HALL­A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, Black Screen Records will repress Michael Kelly’s amazing soundtrack on 180g black double vinyl this June. The repress also includes the one­sided A2 poster, 12“ booklet with a fictional Kira Miki interview as well as three download codes for Prologue, Second Round and the Bonus Track Collection (featuring Kira Miki vocal tracks sung by Adriana Figueroa). The vinyl tracklist was curated by composer Michael Kelly. All songs were remastered for vinyl by Christian Bethge at RAMA Tonstudio in Mannheim, Germany.

VA­11 HALL­A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action is a booze em’ up about waifus, technology, and post­dystopia life. Its main mechanic consists in preparing drinks using the available ingredients, but rather than just following an order to advance through the story, it’s up to the player to decide what kind of drink to serve. In short, this is about serving the right drink, and you achieve this by paying attention to your client’s rants. Rewards include different events, dialogues and endings.

This item is a pre-order and is estimated to ship around Q2 2024.

Release Notes

  • 2xLP Vinyl with a selection of songs from Garoad's VA-11 HALL-A OST
  • Limited Edition pink/purple/white & green/clear marbled vinyl
  • Includes a poster, 12" booklet and three download codes

Product images are mockups and are subject to change without notice. The final product may differ from what is shown.

Track List

A01. Hopes And Dreams
A02. Welcome To VA-11 HALL-A
A03. Every Day Is Night 
A04. Neon District 
A05. Umemoto

B01. Karmotrine Dream
B02. Heart Of The City
B03. Drive Me Wild
B04. Skyline
B05. A New Frontier

C01. Safe Haven
C02. A. Rene
C03. Base Of The Titans
C04. Good For Health, Bad For Education
C05. Dawn Approaches

D01. Synthestitch
D02. Digital Drive
D03. Your Love Is A Drug
D04 .You've Got Me
D05 .Believe In Me Who Believes In You

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