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Video Game LoFi: Celeste - Nokbient (Cassette Tape)


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Just breathe.

You can do this.

Slow down with ephemeral beats and drifting melodies, and wave-dash lofi melodies from Celeste Mountain directly into your subconscious. Join producer Nokbient as they explore a chill reimagining of Lena Raine's soundtrack to the 2018 indie game phenomenon Celeste by Maddie Makes Games.

High-bias cassette tape, clear green color. Art by Save Point, Layout by Isa Alcántara.

"Special thanks to Rob Anderson and Bas van den Eersten for their help on this album. Without your friendship and incredible musical ability, this album wouldn't have happened. You have truly elevated this project to a whole new level, and I can't thank you enough for that. Additional thanks to Lena Raine and the entire Maddy Makes Games team for their incredible work on Celeste, an experience which touched my heart and helped me get through a difficult moment in my life, and one I strived to honor with this album. From the bottom of my heart, thank you everyone. Made with love for those who listen." - Noel Keith (Nokbient)

Available on vinyl, CD, and cassette tape.

Learn more about Video Game Lofi: Celeste.

Celeste © 2018 Matt Makes Games Inc. Musical compositions are © 2018 Lena Raine under license to MATERIA MUSIC INC and are used with permission. Sound Recordings © 2023 Materia Music Inc. LOFI VGM and SAVE POINT are trademarks or registered trademarks of MATERIA MUSIC INC. All Rights Reserved.

©℗ 2023 Curaga Records / Materia Music Inc.

  1. First Steps (from "Celeste")
  2. Resurrections (from "Celeste")
  3. Checking In (from "Celeste"
  4. Quiet and Falling (from "Celeste")
  5. Madeline and Theo (from "Celeste")
  6. Reflection (from "Celeste")
  7. Little Goth (from "Celeste")
  8. Reach for the Summit (from "Celeste")
  9. My Dearest Friends (from "Celeste")
  10. Exhale (from "Celeste") 




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