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Video Game LoFi: Undertale Vol. 01 (Compact Disc)


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Producers Emunator and Hotline Sehwani have joined forces to collaborate on Video Game LoFi: Undertale Vol. 01. The duo has carefully crafted a 10-track lo-fi, hip-hop, and chill-hop tribute to Toby Fox's beloved Undertale soundtrack. The result is a nostalgic and expressive journey that is sure to delight fans of the game and music lovers alike.

"In December of 2023, I decided to walk away from the career path that I’d been pursuing my entire life. I was burned out and planned to take a long break to relax and do absolutely nothing. That plan lasted all of 30 minutes before I got bored and decided I needed something to do. After my last day in the office, I came home and immediately began working on an arrangement of “Home” from Undertale, which would eventually become the first single for this project. The rest is history - over the next two months, with the help of Save Point and Hotline Sehwani, we brought this album to life. I couldn’t be more thrilled with how it all turned out." - Emunator

"I was very excited to tackle this album project! Undertale is a series known for its highly recognizable music and themes. It was important for me to ensure a balance between the recognized themes and fresh takes on the music throughout this project. Fans of mine have long requested covers from Undertale, so I hope this album satisfies both my music lovers and the die-hard Undertale fans alike." - Hotline Sewhani 

This item is a pre-order and is estimated to ship around Q3 2024.

Release Notes

  • 4-panel digipak CD
  • 10-track lo-fi, hip-hop, and chill-hop tribute to Toby Fox's beloved Undertale soundtrack
  • Producers Emunator and Hotline Sehwani
  • Art by Save Point and ArtByGalen
  • Layout by Isa Alcántara

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© 2024 Curaga Records / Materia Music Inc.
Music by Toby Fox. UNDERTALE® is a registered trademark of ROYAL SCIENCES LLC and is used with permission. Musical compositions are © 2015 ROYAL SCIENCES LLC and are used with permission of MATERIA MUSIC PUBLISHING. Sound Recordings © 2024 Curaga Records / Materia Music Inc. LOFI VGM and SAVE POINT are trademarks or registered trademarks of MATERIA MUSIC INC. All Rights Reserved.

Track List
  1. Undertale Theme (from "Undertale")
  2. Fallen Down (from "Undertale")
  3. Home (from "Undertale")
  4. Hopes and Dreams (from "Undertale")
  5. Waterfall (from "Undertale")
  6. Quiet Water (from "Undertale")
  7. It's Raining Somewhere Else (from "Undertale")
  8. His Theme (from "Undertale")
  9. CORE (from "Undertale")

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