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Wandersong (Original Game Soundtrack) - A Shell in the Pit (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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A Shell in the Pit's endearing score to the smash hit musical adventure game WANDERSONG. Mystical whimsical and adventurous this soundtrack takes the listener on a two part journey: side one focusing on the light and side two on the dark. A Shell in the Pit has created an eclectic and utterly charming collection of tunes that will satisfy all fans of classic video game fanfare.

WANDERSONG is an expression of the joy of music and A Shell in the Pit has captured that magical feeling effortlessly. Featuring gorgeous new artwork and pressed on translucent turquoise vinyl this release makes for the perfect collectors item.

Includes a digital download card of the complete expanded soundtrack.

Color vinyl.


1.1 Mysterious Rainbow Girl
1.2 Sunrise
1.3 The Bard
1.4 Miriam
1.5 The Dream king
1.6 Blown Away
1.7 Im Going With You
1.8 Sailing with the Coffee Pirates
1.9 Chismest
1.10 The Crater
1.11 Hala
1.12 Moonscape
1.13 Even the Tiniest Bugs
1.14 Farewell
1.15 Nightmare King
1.16 The End
1.17 Wandersong

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