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Wargroove (Original Game Soundtrack) - Phonetic Hero (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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The original soundtrack to Wargroove on 1xLP 12" vinyl, on gorgeous bright red discs.

Yetee Records has teamed up with Pete Lepley (Phonetic Hero) and Boss Battle Records to bring you the original soundtrack to the highly anticipated Wargroove by Chucklefish.

Music and mixing by Pete Lepley (Rep. The Otherworld Agency)

Mastering by Simon Struthers (Forensic Audio)

Artwork by Drew Wise


A1. Opening Groove
A2. Theme Of Wargroove
A3. Fisher King
A4. Fledgling Queen
A5. Lucent Mage
A6. Bounding Joy
A7. Dancing Crane
A8. Mechanist Prince
A9. Dashing General

B1. Oaken Sentinel
B2. Wild Flower
B3. Creeping Ivy
B4. Fell Saviour
B5. Patchwork Valkyrie
B6. Ancient Blood
B7. Sorrow Sempre
B8. Unbound Fury

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