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Warhammer 40,000: Darktide (Original Soundtrack) - Jesper Kyd (3xLP Vinyl Record)


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A co-op coalition of Laced Records, Fatshark, and Games Workshop has summoned forth a deluxe triple vinyl for Jesper Kyd’s incredible new Warhammer 40,000: Darktide score.

48 tracks have been specially mastered for vinyl and will be pressed onto heavyweight galaxy-effect discs in yellow & black, blue & black, and red & black. The widespined outer sleeve features a spot gloss logo on the front cover; while the three spined inner sleeves sport artwork by the Fatshark team.

Darktide succeeds Fatshark’s much beloved Vermintide series with brutal co-op action set in the dystopian future of Warhammer 40,000. Composer Jesper Kyd’s many challenges included capturing the pomp and propaganda of the Imperium’s Inquisition; finding a way to represent ‘living machines’ the size of city blocks and thousands of years old in the lore of the game, but still tens of thousands of years more advanced than our own; and finding the sound of the dangerous lower levels of the Underhive.

He spectacularly achieves this with characterful choral and folk instrumental performances layered among all manner of vintage analog synths, giving the whole soundtrack a rusty, mechanical but not robotic feel — all dusty data and grinding grooves. It’s a unique score that sheds the orchestral and electric guitar palettes of other Warhammer titles.

Release Notes

  • Complete 48-track soundtrack from the 2022 action game
  • Three heavyweight galaxy-effect LPs in yellow & black, blue & black & red & black
  • Widespined outer sleeve with spot gloss logo front cover
  • Spined inner sleeves
  • Artwork by Fatshark
Track List



  1. Darktide Main Theme
  2. The Uprising on Hive Tertium
  3. Prison Break
  4. Onboard the Tancred Bastion
  5. Escaping the Prison Ship
  6. The Imperium Unites
  7. Immortal Imperium
  8. Dropship to Hive Tertium


  1. Entering the Hive City
  2. The Transit Horde
  3. Imperium of Man
  4. The Mourningstar
  5. Disposal Unit (Imperium Mix)
  6. Late Night Entertainment
  7. Nightsider
  8. City of Tertium
  9. Broadcast Apparatus



  1. Apparatus Receiving
  2. Data Interference
  3. Forge Manufactorum
  4. Atoma Prime
  5. Entering Throneside
  6. Waiting to Strike
  7. Path of Trust


  1. Unrest in Throneside
  2. Transmission Commences
  3. Offworld Auspex
  4. Hive City Lowest Level
  5. The Torrent Fights Back
  6. Warp Traveller
  7. Debriefing



  1. Escape Initiated
  2. Imperial Advance
  3. Hab Block Bonanza
  4. The Will of the Imperium
  5. Write Transmit
  6. Sublevel Data Interrogation
  7. Reality Slipping
  8. Heart of Heresy
  9. Embrace of the Chaos Cult


  1. Forge Chaos Detected
  2. Last Man Standing
  3. The Emperor of Mankind
  4. Admonition
  5. The Imperium Unites Part 2 (Bonus Track)
  6. Disposal Unit (Original Mix)
  7. Reality Slipping (Imperium Mix)
  8. Transmission Commences (Late Night Mix)

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