We Are OFK (EP and Score) - OFK (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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OFK is a semi-fictionalized supergroup of musical pals living in Los Angeles (the brainchild of creative director Teddy Dief and perhaps some IRL experiences), working together to create some of the silkiest-smooth indie pop tunes this side of the West Coast…

…and iam8bit is proud to present these very tunes on a 2xLP vinyl. Here, we’ve got OFK’s entire debut EP, written & produced by Luna Shadows and Thom Powers (of The Naked and Famous). Plus, we’ve included art prints for each OFK single, featuring illustrations that capture the mood of the game’s signature interactive music videos.

But wait – there’s more powerpop! We’ve also included EXCLUSIVE OFK Acoustic tracks that you can only hear on wax. It’s OFK, AFK, like you’ve never heard them before.

Hahah. You thought that was it, but there’s still more goodies. This 2xLP also features select tracks from We Are OFK’s original score, from Omniboi featuring Nicole Brady and Wldr Ensemble. These songs are the soundtrack to OFK’s twentysomething misadventures, and they’re the perfect musical accompaniment for kicking back or kicking into gear and getting some serious creative work accomplished.

It’s all packed in hip ‘n’ funky album art from the illustrious Naf, with a gorgeous pastel nightscape across a sturdy gatefold jacket that’ll have you dreaming about that LA skyline.

Release Notes

  • 2xLP on Audiophile Black Vinyl
  • Featuring Exclusive OFK Acoustic Tracks
  • Includes OFK Singles Art Prints
  • EP Music by OFK, Written & Produced by Luna Shadows and Thom Powers (of The Naked and Famous)
  • Score Music by Omniboi, feat. Nicole Brady and Wldr Ensemble
  • Album Art by Nafisah Tung

Track List


  1. Follow:Unfollow
  2. Fool’s Gold
  3. Infuriata
  4. Footsteps


  1. thanks,
  2. Infuriata (Acoustic)
  3. thanks, (Acoustic)


  1. Every Day
  2. Key Frog
  3. With You
  4. Malunion
  5. Tales of Mushoria
  6. Bobapocalypse Theme
  7. Dreamwalker
  8. Home
  9. Space Captain Egg
  10. The Academic


  1. Isha
  2. Our Reflection
  3. Number Five
  4. Bobapocalypse Reprise
  5. Neo prefecture: Palm City
  6. Every Day (Acoustic)

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