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Where the Water Tastes Like Wine (Original Soundtrack) - Ryan Ike (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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Laced Records, in partnership with Dim Bulb Games and Good Shepherd Entertainment, bring you the Where The Water Tastes Like Wine (Original Soundtrack) on deluxe double vinyl. The release includes 21 tracks from the game’s composer Ryan Ike, featuring an array of special contributors.

Track List

Disc 1 Side A

  1. Soulsucker Blues
  2. Breathe the Black
  3. Vagrant Song (Deep South)
  4. Miles of Smiles
  5. Curandera

Disc 1 Side B

  1. From This Field I Wish To Rise
  2. Shining Isles of Ivory
  3. Vagrant Song (Appalachia)
  4. Noodle It Out
  5. This Trench Was Dug For Me
  6. Rail Hoppin’

Disc 2 Side A

  1. Vagrant Song (Midwest)
  2. Dust to Dust
  3. Read ‘Em And Weep
  4. The Road Remembers
  5. Vagrant Song (Southwest)

Disc 2 Side B

  1. Tear It Down
  2. White Rider
  3. Root and Rise
  4. Vagrant Song (Northwest)
  5. Heavy Hands

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