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Windjammers (Original Game Soundtrack) - Gamadelic (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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The official vinyl soundtrack features 18 tracks with music by Gamadelic from the NEOGEO CD version of Windjammers, all on one splattered, hot pink record wrapped up in original art by Paul Robertson


Side A

1. Beach (Intro) 
2. Get Ready (Select Screen) 
3. Go for Broke (Round Start) 
4. Flying Power Disc (Beach Court) 
5. Reach for the Top (Clay Court) 
6. Hurry! (Dog Distance & Disc Bowling Stage) 
7. Shoot!! (Tiled Court) 
8. Set Clear 
9. Win Set

Side B

10. Next Round 
11. Windjammers (Lawn Court) 
12. You Got a Power (Concrete Court) 
13. Break Point Champs (Stadium Court) 
14. The Winner (Ending) 
15. Game Over 
16. Continue!? (Lost Set 2) 
17.「Shooot!!」 (Remix, 2017) 
18. Beach (Outro)

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