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Xenogears Original Soundtrack (Sheet Music - Japanese)


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A dramatic RPG spelled out with a magnificent view of the world. Square's blockbuster software "Xenogears" game music is included in all songs as a piano solo. Supervised by composer Yasunori Mitsuda.

Listed songs
  1. Dark dawn
  3. Bond between the sea and fire
  4. Our village is the best in the world
  5. distant promise
  6. Valley where the wind is born
  7. Steel Giant
  8. Doromi (short version)
  9. For a dark sleep ...
  10. Kurotsuki no Mori
  11. Where the dream egg hatches
  12. Hot sand city Dajiru
  13. Longing
  14. Graf Dark Champion
  15. Fuse
  16. After the dreams
  17. Invasion
  18. Unstealing jewels
  19. Ave Ancient Dance
  20. Danse Macabre
  21. A gentle breeze sings
  22. We are hurt, we do not go through the light
  23. lost ... squeaky pieces
  24. Tams The spirit of the sea man
  25. Blue Traveler
  26. In a cage of regret and peace
  27. Ice jaw
  28. Guren Knight
  29. Kannazuki Mermaid
  30. The wind calls the blue shebat
  31. Sky and clouds and Tokimito
  32. Heavenly Paradise Solaris
  33. Collect the stars in the night sky
  34. Star tears, human feelings
  35. flight
  36. wings
  37. Dozing (long version)
  38. Premonition
  39. Torn
  40. Prayer, the joy of human desire
  41. Awakening
  42. Fang to God
  43. First and last
  44. SMALL TWO OF PIECES ~ Squeaky Fragment ~

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