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Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim (Original Soundtrack) - Falcom Sound Team jdk (Compact Disc)


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Streaming Arrow Records is excited to present the first-ever vinyl record release of the soundtrack to Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim.

Released back in the far-away year of 2003, Ys VI reawakened the then long-dormant series with a gorgeous 3D entry that successfully paved the way for gameplay styles of future entries in the series and the beautifully varied soundtrack that captures the beauty of nature, dangers of exploring the unknown, and of course, heavy metal guitar riff-laden boss themes that serve as the musical foundation for the Ys series to this day. 

he complete original soundtrack including two extra arrangement tracks 


CD editions are housed in a Jewel CD case and lack the lyric sheet insert.

Track List
  1. Olha 
  2. Release of the Far West Ocean
  3. Gratitude for Nature's Blessings
  4. The Akindo
  5. Quatera Woods
  6. Mighty Obstacle
  7. Ultramarine Deep
  8. Reconciled People
  9. Windslash Steps
  10. Mountain Zone
  11. Ruins of Amnesia
  12. The Zemeth Sanctum
  13. Overwater Drive
  14. The Pirate Ship
  15. Escape from the Great Vortex ~Invasion of the Romn Fleet~ 
  16. Under the Occupation
  17. The Fleet of Romn
  18. Defend! and Escape!
  19. The Successor of Almarion
  20. The Ark of Napishtim Revival ~The Great Vortex Reborn~
  21. The Ruined City "Kishgal"
  22. Pressure Stairs
  23. Armored Bane
  24. Ernst
  25. Black Ark Unveiled
  26. The Depth Napishtim
  27. Collapse of the Ark of Napishtim
  28. Protection of Zemeth
  29. Spread Blue View
  30. The Moonset Shore
  31. So Much for Today
  32. Olha - Long Version - (Bonus Track)
  33. QUATERA WOODS (Ys VI - The Ark of Napishtim -)
  34. Release of the Far West Ocean ~I'm Here for You (Opening)

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