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Yuji Toriyama - Yuji Toriyama (1xLP Vinyl Record) [Pink Variant]


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Ship to shore PhonoCo. is proud to present the self-titled album by acclaimed Japanese artist Yuji Toriyama, the first time the album has been available outside of Japan!

Yuji Toriyama - known in many circles for his work on TV, film and video game soundtracks - released his self-titled album Yuji Toriyama in 1983 where it was quickly recognised as a Japanese jazz rock fusion masterpiece. Catchy melodies, smooth grooves, excellent production and just an overall sense of fun makes the music shine, pulling the listener into Toriyama’s world.

Now available for the first time outside of Japan, Yuji Toriyama is a fantastic LP that should absolutely not be missed, whether you’re a die-hard fan or someone who has yet to discover Toriyama’s music. So gel back your hair, put on your shades and cruise the coastal roads of Japan in your convertible as you make your way to the sun-drenched beaches of Okinawa — it’s what this music was made for!

Track List

Side A

1. Korean Dress (Part I)
2. Korean Dress (Part II)
3. She's So Shy
4. Brown Doll
5. Nothing to Hide

Side B

1. Your Gold Ring
2. Donna
3. Day Dream
4. Stranger in the Mirror
5. Japanese (Tono's Sequencer)
6. Angel Voices
7. Song for You

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