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Acoustica: The Legend of Zelda - String Player Gamer (Compact Disc)


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String Player Gamer presents Acoustica: The Legend of ZeldaVibrant, intimate reimaginings of the music of The Legend of Zelda, from Celtic violin solos, to flamenco guitar, to chamber strings.

Arranged and produced by String Player Gamer. Features FirahFabe, xclassicalcatx, Israfelcello, Soundole, Tiggs, Meowsical. Art by Lucas Sienkiewicz. Layout and design by ROZEN and Isa Alcántara.

Premium digipak with spot UV.

Track List
  1. Wind Waker Theme (Celtic Style)
  2. Dragon Roost Island
  3. Outset Island
  4. Kakariko Village
  5. Ballad of the Goddess
  6. Song of Storms
  7. Midna's Lament
  8. Gerudo Valley
  9. Ballad of the Windfish
  10. Zelda's Lullaby
  11. Zelda Main Theme
  12. Kass's Theme

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