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Airborne Kingdom - Paul Aubry (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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Limited edition of 500.

Take a trip back into the skies with BAFTA-nominated Airborne Kingdom!

Paul Aubry's delightfully curious sounds form a mysterious blend of old and new, and are right at home on vinyl.

This deluxe 2LP release features brand new artwork from Amir Zand and Mari Maraca, with the game's beautiful tapestry artwork lining the inside of an upgraded 24pt stock reverse board gatefold.

Track List

Side A
  1. Tapestry
  2. Journey’s Lift Off
  3. Faith in Our Steps (Day)
  4. Moonlit Cartographers I

Side B
  1. Moonlit Cartographers II
  2. The Wind’s Bazaar
  3. Untraveled

Side C
  1. Traders of the Winds
  2. We Return to Our Home (Night)
  3. Swiftly Through the Valley

Side D
  1. We Return to Our Home (Day)
  2. A Prophecy Fulfilled
  3. Muluab’s Endless Canon
  4. Airborne Nocturne
  5. Faith in Our Steps (Night)

© 2022 Mana Wave Media, LLC

A video game by Wandering Band, LLC

Mastered for vinyl by Richard Addison, Trillium Sound Mastering

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