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Bämeräng (Original Game Soundtrack) - Lucien Guy Montandon (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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Black Screen Records and Lululu Entertainment have teamed up to release Lucien Guy Montandon’s soundtrack to their fast-paced local multiplayer boomerang fighting game Bämeräng on one-sided pink 12" vinyl this spring. The vinyl also comes with a free Steam Key for the game and a Bandcamp Code for the digital album.

“Finding the aesthetics for the Bämeräng soundtrack was a challenging and enjoyable experience. I imagined those characters making music at the end of a long fight. How would their music sound and what kind of instruments do they play? There is a bit of an organic-esoteric influence, which stands for the culture of the characters. And there is the world, which is very colourful, and that brought the pop in. I think those were the main keyframes during the production and composing process” - Lucien Guy Montandon

Bämeräng Music contains:

  • real samples of ancient instruments
  • surprising structures
  • colorful arrangements
  • 2% synthetic sounds created with software
  • 100% processed with a computer and the composer’s brain

Bämeräng is a fast-paced local multiplayer boomerang fighting game for two to four players launching April 22nd on Nintendo Switch and Steam. Players master the curved trajectory of the boomerangs to hit their opponents behind obstacles and throw them off the platform. The competitive boomerang duels are visualised in a vibrant pixel art style and underlined with a joyfully bouncy soundtrack.

Track List
  1. Get Reädy
  2. 4P Chäos
  3. Up The Pillär
  4. Wäke Up Bämeräi
  5. Lost Rituäl
  6. Bäm Dänce

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