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DELTARUNE Chapter 2 Piano Score (Digital Sheet Music)


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All 47 songs from the DELTARUNE, Chapter 2 soundtrack. Composed by Toby Fox, adapted by Sydney Kjerstad.

"Making the Deltarune Piano Score series a little more complete, here’s DELTARUNE Chapter 2’s music finally in book form! Just like the music from the first chapter, each of the pieces here are varying levels of difficulty, but all are within your reach. Go in order, go out of order, play through the book how you want!

You will strengthen your abilities and come out even better on the other side. Play this music for you, for your friends and family, and show off what makes this music so special.

Please enjoy! I know I did when adapting it all!"

- Sydney Kjerstad


DELTARUNE Piano Score is brought to you by:

TOBY FOX is the musical dog that made DELTARUNE.

SYDNEY KJERSTAD is a video-gaming-piano-playing nerd whose goal in life is to make game music accessible for everyone.

 A Materia Editions Production.

  1. Faint Glow
  2. Girl Next Door
  3. My Castle Town
  4. Ohhhhohohoho!
  5. Queen
  7. A Simple Diversion
  8. Almost to the Guys!
  9. Cool Beat
  10. When I Get Mad I Dance Like This
  11. Cyber Battle (Solo)
  12. When I Get Happy I Dance Like This
  13. Sound Studio
  14. Berdly
  15. Smart Race
  16. Faint Courage (Game Over)
  18. Mini Studio
  19. Holiday Studio
  20. Cool Mixtape
  21. HEY EVERY !
  22. Spamton
  24. Elegant Entrance
  25. Bluebird of Misfortune
  26. Pandora Palace
  27. KEYGEN
  28. Acid Tunnel of Love
  29. It's Pronounced "Rules"
  30. Lost Girl
  31. Ferris Wheel
  32. Attack of the Killer Queen
  33. Giga Size
  34. Powers Combined
  35. Knock You Down !!
  36. The Dark Truth
  37. Digital Roots
  38. Deal Gone Wrong
  39. BIG SHOT
  40. A Real Boy!
  41. Dialtone
  42. sans.
  43. Chill Jailbreak Alarm to Study and Relax to
  44. You Can Always Come Home
  45. Until Next Time
  46. Before the Story
  47. Berdly (Rejected Concept)

Music by Toby Fox. © 2015-2021 ROYAL SCIENCES LLC. Arrangements © 2023 Materia Editions / Materia Music Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission. No part of this book shall be reproduced, arranged, adapted, recorded, publicly performed, or transmitted by any means without written permission by the publisher. 

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