Donut County (Original Soundtrack) - Daniel Koestner (Colored 2xLP Vinyl Record)


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You haven’t heard the hole story until you take this delectable Donut County vinyl for a spin… but please DON’T eat it.

The soundtrack is the very epitome of “chill,” collaging together acoustically serene strumming on all sorts of stringed instruments – not to mention an occasional funky beat or synth whomp, scientifically proven* to trigger feelings of euphoria.

Composer Daniel Koestner has crafted such a cool, colorful atmosphere with these sounds that it’s already on rotation at hipster animal coffee shops everywhere. 

This refreshed reissue comes in an all-new, sturdy wide-spine jacket, ensuring the colorful vinyl discs will stay snug as a bug inside. The outer jacket features the same iconic album art from Lily Nishita. Plus, we’ve repurposed the original inner mural as a gigantic 48” Fold Out Poster, perfect for adorning your living room wall.

This item is a pre-order and is estimated to ship around Q3.

Release Notes

  • 2xLP reissue featuring a wide spine jacket and massive 48” fold out poster
  • Music by Daniel Koestner
  • Album art by Lily Nishita

Product images are mockups and are subject to change without notice. The final product may differ from what is shown.

Track List

A01. Garbage Day
A02. Slackers
A03. Breaking Ground
A04. Holes
A05. Pup's Odyssey
A06. Trash Is Treasure
A07. 999ft Below
A08. Lazy River

B01. Popcorn
B02. Nesting
B03. Kindling
B04. Owned
B05. Bird Of Paradise
B06. Migration
B07. Bandit
B08. Broken

C01. Honey
C02. Salt & Pep
C03. Bk Squad
C04. Landmark
C05. Hollow Earth!
C06. Quack Anthem
C07. Fun Flume
C08. 405 South
C09. Mira's Song
C10. Hackers

D01. Raccoon House Music
D02. Study Beats
D03. Tk Method
D04. Trash King
D05. Boss Fight
D06. Falling
D07. The Pickle
D08. Trashopedia
D09. Reunion
D10. Sandcastle

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