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Evergate (Original Game Soundtrack) - M.R. Miller (3xLP Vinyl Record)


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Embark on a magical and mysterious 2-hour musical journey through the afterlife. The Evergate Original Soundtrack by M.R. Miller is an immersive concept album that retells the game’s heartwarming fairy tale about two kindred spirits, Ki and Ha. Travel through distant memories of past lives as told through music, from China 1715 and to Alaska 1838, England 1942 to New York 2071.

The music of Evergate was inspired by the composer’s daughter. When she was born, he wrote her a lullaby and built her a music box to play it. That lullaby became the main theme for Ki and the underlying fabric of the entire score.

The soundtrack will be available on audiophile 180g black triple vinyl and features brand new artwork from the game’s artist Cynthia Lu. Her sumptuous visuals depict the game’s narrative alongside the music. The inner sleeves each tell a chapter of Ki and Ha’s story, from their falling apart to their reconciliation. They can be arranged side-by-side in any order to form a seamless triptych. And when the spinning disc is viewed through a camera, each disc’s label features a unique hypnotic animation.

Evergate has been lovingly re-arranged to embrace the vinyl medium. Each side acts as a movement and tracks flow seamlessly from one to the next. The vinyl edition also includes a number of exclusive, unreleased tracks.

The album features many talented live musicians, including shimmering layers of electroacoustic harp (Lara Somogyi), a gorgeous live string orchestra (FAMES Project) and a haunting women’s choir. Guzheng (Kathy Qianqian Jin) and liuqin (Leng Yijing) ripple through Ki’s life in China and katajjaq throat singing (Nina Segalowitz) evokes her life in Alaska. The OST also includes brand new arrangements and bonus tracks that didn’t make it into the game. The album was mixed by the incomparable Steve Kempster and mastered by Grammy-award winner Emily Lazar.

Track List
  1. Overture
  2. Lullaby
  3. A Tale of Two Souls
  4. Flight to the Library
  5. The Evergate
  6. The Secret Garden
  7. Koi Dances
  8. Revelry
  9. The Enchanted Forest
  10. Messengers of the Storm
  11. Mid-Autumn Festival
  12. Sibling Rivalry
  13. Kundred Spirits
  14. The Frozen Tundra
  15. Flurries
  16. The Blizzard
  17. Summer Hunt
  18. The Wilderness
  19. Drifting Apart
  20. Northern Lights Alone
  21. ENGLAND 1942
  22. Independence
  23. Truancy
  24. The Evergate (England)
  25. Air Raid
  26. The Bombing
  27. Prayer for the Lost
  28. Broken Spirits
  29. The Storm Siege
  30. Neon Wasteland
  31. Police
  32. The Evergate (New York)
  33. The Space Between
  34. Betrayal
  35. Fragmented Memories
  36. Into the Heart of the Storm
  37. Sister and Brother
  38. Together
  39. Lullaby (Music Box)
  40. Trailer (2018)
  41. Trailer (2019)"

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