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EverQuest (Original Soundtrack) (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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This black 180 gram vinyl is a must have for EverQuest audiophiles and vinyl aficionados.

With a deluxe color gatefold cover, the front features the game's iconic hero, Firiona Vie, and the inner gatefold features Keith Parkinson's original game box artwork in stunning scale and detail.

On the back, is a lovingly illustrated map of the lands of EverQuest. Let this be your guide as the music carries you on your adventure through memory lane.


Track List

Side 1

EverQuest Main Theme 2:10
Kithicor Woods 1:20
Akanon 2:09
Peaceful River 1:42
Bards Concert 2:25
Organ Recital 2:23
Coliseum Showdown 1:02
Bard Healer 0:40
Bard Theme 1:24
Erudin Theme 2:11
Qeynos Theme 3:11


Side 2

Character Screen Theme 3:36
Najena Theme 1:21
Gypsies Theme 2:25
Halas Theme 1:27
Battle Theme 1 1:07
Battle Theme 2 0:55
Battle Theme 3 1:06
Forest of Qeynos 3:29
Rivervale Theme 1:41
Tunnels of Doom 0:55
EverQuest Reprise 2:10
Winters Deep 1:06
Run for Your Life 1:35

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