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MOTHER (Game Soundtrack) - Hirokazu Tanaka & Keiichi Suzuki (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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2x LP on pink vinyl. The original soundtrack to the beloved Famicom RPG MOTHER.

Recently released in the West as EarthBound Beginnings, this album contains inventive orchestrations of tracks from the game as well as a medley of the original Famicom music.

Track List

Side A 

  1. Pollyanna (I Believe In You)
  2. Bein' Friends
  3. The Paradise Line
  4. Magicant

Side B 

  1. Wisdom of the World
  2. Flying Man
  3. Snow Man
  4. All That I Needed (Was You)


Side C 

  1. Fallin' Love, and
  2. Eight Melodies


Side D 

  1. The World of MOTHER

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