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Mutant Mudds (Original Game Soundtrack) - Troupe Gammage (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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Mudds attack! Enjoy the sterescopic 3D soundscape of Troupe Gammage's chiptune bliss with the Mutant Mudds original soundtrack! At first reminiscent of of the most popular cartridge-based platformers from the 80s and 90s, the sounds of Mutant Mudds really come into their own with dreamy, upbeat tracks fit for eradicating alien mudds or blasting on your home stereo.

2xLP Color Variant

Track List

Side A

A1. Title
A2. Intro: Mudd Attacks!
A3. Grassland A
A4. Grassland B
A5. Tundra A
A6. Tundra B
A7. Foundry A


Side B

B1. Foundry B
B2. Cloudsville A
B3. Cloudsville B
B4. Space Station A
B5. Space Station B


Side C

C1. Level Select
C2. Grannie's Attic
C3. V-Land
C4. G-Land
C5. Skull Counter
C6. Debriefing
C7. Classified: Case Closed
C8. Grannie A
C9. Grannie B

Side D

D1. Ghost Level Select
D2. Ghost A
D3. Ghost B
D4. Mudd Blocks: Title
D5. Mudd Blocks: In Game
D6. Mudd Blocks: Make it Rain
D7. Mudd Blocks: Rescued!
D8. Mudd Blocks: New Best!

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