Ori and the Blind Forest (Original Soundtrack) - Gareth Coker (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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Composer Gareth Coker’s striking soundtrack reminds us just how magical an audio experience can be, especially when immortalized on wax. Listener beware, though — each note still tugs on the very same heartstrings as before.

  • 2xLP 180-gram Black Audiophile Vinyl
  • Foil Embellished Wide Spine Jacket
  • Includes Full Digital Download, plus 29-track Definitive Edition including previously unreleased tracks
  • Music by Gareth Coker
  • Album Art by Nicole Gustafsson
 Track List
A1 Main Theme
A2 The Prologue
A3 First Steps Into Sunken Glades
A4 Finding Seim
A5 Up The Spirit Caverns Walls
B1 The Spirit Tree
B2 Kuros Tale I - Her Rage
B3 Through The Darkness
B4 Dash Through Their Home
B5 The Ancestral Trees
B6 Gumo And Ori
B7 Climbing The Ginso Tree
C1 Restoring The Light Facing The Dark
C2 The Waters Cleansed
C3 A Closer Understanding Of The Past
C4 Lost In The Misty Woods
C5 Home Of The Gumon
C6 Kuros Tale II - Her Pain
C7 Completing the Circle
D1 Arrival At The Sunstone
D2 Approaching The End
D3 Mount Horu
D4 The Crumbling Path
D5 The Finale
D6 Light Of Nibel

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