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Piano Stories: FINAL FANTASY VI (Compact Disc)


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Return to the world of balance and the world of ruin with composer and arranger Guillermo de la Garza, with guest arrangements by Enrique Ponce

With Piano Stories: Final Fantasy VI, Materia Collective is excited to embark on its new series of melodic stories from its favorite games.

Premium digibook featuring artwork by Andrés Goji and layout by Isa Alcántara; comes with a booklet of credits and liner notes.

Embark on an epic journey through the enchanting world of Final Fantasy VI with "Piano Stories," an enthralling piano solo album that pays homage to Nobuo Uematsu's compositions. Immerse yourself in the rich melodies that have shaped the lives of fans for nearly three decades, as Mexican-American pianist Guillermo de la Garza brings them to life in awe-inspiring arrangements.

The music of Final Fantasy VI has held a special place in Guillermo’s heart, resonating on a deep level and inspiring countless hours of piano improvisation and heartfelt performances for friends. Now, Guillermo shares his passion and creative vision with the world, meticulously transcribing and reimagining these beautiful melodies into stunning piano arrangements.

At the heart of the album lies the monumental four-movement Opera Suite, a true pianistic masterpiece that faithfully captures the essence of the entire Maria and Draco opera. Guillermo skillfully intertwines Uematsu's gorgeous themes with virtuosic classical styles, incorporating elements from composers such as Frederic Chopin, Maurice Ravel, and Dmitri Shostakovich. This suite stands as a testament to Guillermo’s unwavering commitment to honoring the source material while infusing it with his creative brilliance, showcased through complex harmonic languages and flourishing passages.

Throughout "Piano Stories," Guillermo draws inspiration from a diverse array of musical influences. The energetic spirit of Nikolai Kapustin (The Decisive Battle), the dramatic flair of Franz Liszt (Mystic Forest), and even the atmospheric beauty of Christopher Larkin (Terra) all find their place within the album's virtuosic and artistic piano renditions. In this blend of concert art music and video game music, Guillermo strives to bridge the gap and create a musical experience that transcends boundaries.

This extraordinary release of "Piano Stories" coincides with the highly anticipated Pixel Remaster release of Final Fantasy VI on consoles, reigniting the magic and nostalgia of the game for fans worldwide. As the 30th anniversary of Final Fantasy VI approaches next year, this album serves as a celebratory tribute to the game's enduring legacy, capturing its essence and transporting listeners back to its captivating world.

With each intricate passage and emotive performance, Guillermo invites you to revisit this iconic video game through the transformative power of the piano.




  1. Terra's Theme
  2. The Decisive Battle
  3. Cyan's Theme
  4. The Mystic Forest ~ Phantom Forest
  5. Opera Suite: I. Overture
  6. Opera Suite: II. Aria Di Mezzo Carattere
  7. Opera Suite: III. Wedding Waltz ~ Duel
  8. Opera Suite: IV. Grand Finale?
  9. Devil's Lab ~ Magitek Research Facility
  10. Memento Ring: Shadow and Relm
  11. The Fierce Battle
  12. Another World of Beasts ~ Esper World
  13. Mog's Theme
  14. Dancing Mad


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