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UNDERTALE Piano Collections 2 (Sheet Music Book)


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High-quality printed piano sheet music for the UNDERTALE® Piano Collections 2. This does not include the digital album or digital sheet music.

The highly-anticipated second volume is here! Official video game sheet music collection for intermediate pianists available for Toby Fox's hit soundtrack!

Piano sheet music included for the intermediate pianist:

  1. Ruins
  2. Enemy Approaching ~ Stronger Monsters
  3. Heartache
  4. Sans
  5. Mysterious Place
  6. Snowdin Town
  7. Dating Start!
  8. Spider Dance
  9. Temmie Village ~ Tem Shop
  10. Battle Against a True Hero
  11. Metal Crusher
  12. Oh! Piano
  13. Your Best Nightmare ~ Finale
  14. Last Goodbye
  15. Undertale
  16. Chill

With this second UNDERTALE Piano Collections, the goal was to revisit the world of Undertale and cover some themes that we didn’t get to explore the first time around, and create some opposing versions of some familiar motifs.

As a result, the general feeling of this selection is as if exploring more of the experience and atmosphere of a "genocide run”. Retaining the idea of merging both classical music and video game arrangements, while also continuing the musical language and ideas from the first piano collections, we hope you enjoy these pieces! 

Also available as digital sheet music, CD, and vinyl.

Augustine Mayuga Gonzales: Piano 
David Peacock: Arranger 
John Weston: Recording Engineer (Futura Productions) 
Sebastian Wolff: Executive Producer 
wraith615: Cover art, Illustration

Produced by Materia Editions. ©Ⓟ 2018 Materia Music Inc.

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