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Risk of Rain 2: Seekers of the Storm (Original Soundtrack) - Chris Christodoulou (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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The official soundtrack to Risk of Rain 2’s second DLC “Seekers of the Storm” is coming to vinyl. The new album includes 42 minutes of music written by Chris Christodoulou with the contribution of one piece by fellow Greek composer Stavros Markonis. It will be available on limited edition 1xLP on blue/white/dark green/sky blue/black marbled vinyl, housed in a special gatefold sleeve with complementary artwork and design by Daniele Giardini (art shown is not final).

“With this new entry in the ROR franchise I was given the opportunity to explore musical territories at the fringes of what I’ve written so far. The album includes some of the most elaborate & heavy music ever written for the games (introducing the 7-string guitar among other things), but also some of the most emotional (including a piece written from the perspective of Petrichor V’s inhabitants). I’m deeply thankful for the invaluable contributions by George Karayannis whose guitar mastery is so otherworldly that has allowed him to directly channel my mind onto his fretboard. I’m also beyond delighted to invite my friend Stavros Markonis into this sonic universe. He has managed the impossible by writing a piece that at the same time fits like a glove but also brings an exciting new sound to the franchise! I hope you all enjoy this new music for which we all have worked harder than ever to deliver.” - Chris

This item is a pre-order and is estimated to ship around Q3 2024.

Release Notes

  • Official soundtrack to Risk of Rain 2’s second DLC “Seekers of the Storm”
  • Limited edition 1xLP on 180g blue/white/dark green/sky blue/black marbled vinyl
  • Housed in a gatefold sleeve
  • Complementary artwork and design by Daniele Giardini
  • Art shown is not final!

Product mockups are visual representations of what these are estimated to look like and may differ from the final product.

Track List

A01. A Tempestuous Noise of Thunder and Lightning Heard
A02. Oṃ Maṇi Padme Hūṃ, part I
A03. 屋根の漏り
A04. Tlālōcān

B01. Oṃ Maṇi Padme Hūṃ, part II
B02. I Should Build the Man a Statue
B03. Forgot the Cry of Gulls
B04. Oṃ Maṇi Padme Hūṃ, part III
B05. (The Song of Life)
B06. It Can’t Rain All the Time


Music composed, performed and produced by Chris Christodoulou

Lead guitar & additional guitars by George Karayannis

Flutes, recorders & percussion by Petros Anagnostopoulos

Rhodes solo on track 05 by Costis Christodoulou

Track 06 composed and performed by Stavros Markonis, co-produced by Stavros Markonis & Chris Christodoulou

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