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Stage of Development: Indie City - Ian Dorsch (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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A wonderfully melodic, original soundtrack for the feature-length documentary "Stage of Development: Indie City".

Created by Russ Pitts, the documentary examines the human story of video games in Chicago (Indie City). This OST from award-winning composer Ian Dorsch, is beautifully uplifting and combines folk, rock, synth, chiptune and orchestral music into an 11-track musical masterpiece.

Track List
  1. Building the Garden
  2. Rediscovering Gravity
  3. Indie City
  4. Worth Making
  5. Carving Out a Space
  6. This is a Community
  7. We Are Chicago
  8. Young Horses
  9. Questions
  10. This is a Community
  11. Idiots Doing a Thing

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