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Video Game LoFi: Kirby (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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Producers Besso0 and GlitchxCity team up and put a fresh spin on 10 tracks from the Kirby series into nostalgic lo-fi hip-hop bops — perfect for study sessions, powering through the workday, or just chilling out with our favorite pink puff.

Video Game LoFi: Kirby includes music from Nintendo’s Kirby's Adventure, Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe, Kirby Super Star, and more, covering fan favorites from Green Greens (from “Kirby and the Forgotten Land”) to Butter Building (from "Kirby's Epic Yarn") and a feature from Save Point on Cookie Country (from “Kirby's Return to Dreamland”), just to name a few. With styles ranging from warm nostalgic lo-fi hip-hop to bass-heavy and piano-centric chillhop, and more, Besso0 and GlitchxCity’s style blends seamlessly with the series' most iconic tunes.

Featured composers include Jun Ishikawa and Hirokazu Ando.

"Gosh I love how this album turned out! Working with Glitch was a breeze, we definitely went outside our usual style for this one. The hardest track for me to work on was definitely “City Trials”. I’m very much a major key boy and that song is Kirby’s BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY in minor key! My favourite track, also in minor key though, is “King Dedede”. We truly made that song a vibe in my opinion. Thank you for listening!" - Besso0

"Kirby is such a beloved character in the world of video games and it was such an honor to work on this album with Besso0! We knocked this one out of the park and it was such an awesome experience getting to work with each other’s styles and sounds! We both picked up some new skills along the way which is a nice plus, and we were able to make some truly unique between the both of us. Give this album a listen, and then listen to it again. I guarantee that you will hear something new each time you take it for a spin. Thank you for listening to our work!" - GlitchxCity

This item is a pre-order and is estimated to ship around Q3 2024.

Release Notes

  • Deluxe audiophile 180 gram Sakura Pink 1xLP vinyl
  • 10 tracks from the Kirby series refreshed as nostalgic lo-fi hip-hop bops
  • Features composers Jun Ishikawa and Hirokazu Ando
  • Producers Besso0 and GlitchxCity
  • Art by Save Point and ArtByGalen
  • Layout by Isa Alcántara

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KIRBY properties are trademarks or registered trademarks of Nintendo Co., Ltd.. Curaga Records / Materia Music Inc. and the artists on this album are no way affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected to Nintendo Co., Ltd. with respect to this album. Musical compositions are © Nintendo and are used with permission. Sound Recordings © 2024 Materia Music Inc. LOFI VGM is a trademark or registered trademark of MATERIA MUSIC INC. All Rights Reserved.

Track List
  1. Welcome Back, Kirby! ~ Green Greens (from "Kirby and the Forgotten Land")
  2. Vegetable Valley (from "Kirby's Adventure")
  3. King Dedede (from "Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe")
  4. Cookie Country (from "Kirby's Return to Dreamland")
  5. Fountain of Dreams (from "Kirby Air Ride")
  6. Butter Building (from "Kirby's Epic Yarn")
  7. City (from "Kirby Air Ride")
  8. Grape Garden (from "Kirby's Adventure")
  9. Havoc Aboard the Halberd (from "Kirby Super Star")
  10. Dream a New Dream for Tomorrow (from "Kirby's Dream Collection")

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