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Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure (Original Game Soundtrack) (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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After taming the Obscure, return to Tyria, and the soundtrack to the fourth Guild Wars 2 expansion, Secrets of the Obscure.

The soundtrack will feature 24 tracks composed by Maclaine Diemer, Bryan Atkinson, and others. The track selections reflect the otherworldly nature of Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure's cross-dimensional locations and antagonists.

From the Wizard's Tower to Nayos, the Realm of Dreams, this new lineup of songs is punctuated by dark, heavy music with pounding drums, distorted textures, and snarling vocals, all swirling together in chaotic dissonance.

Release Notes

  • 180g 2xLP gold vinyl
  • Composed by Maclaine Diemer, Bryan Atkinson, Bobby Brader, Bobby Rose, Jarryd Elias, Jaimee Jimin Park, and Michael Paraskevas
  • Inner Illustration by Kevin Moran
  • Product and Layout Design by Isa Alcántara

This item is a pre-order and is estimated to ship in Q3 2024. Product images are mockups and are subject to change without notice. The final product may differ from what is shown.

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Track List

A01. Secrets of the Obscure
A02. A Fractured Horizon
A03. Isgarren the Curator
A04. Strangers Masked in Shadow
A05. Whispers of the Misplaced
A06. Memories Forgotten
A07. The Beast Emerges

B01. Amnytas in Peril
B02. Flesh and Fever
B03. Curious Allies
B04. The Kryptis
B05. The Wizards
B06. These Ancient Halls
B07. Courage and Regret
B08. Otherworldly Threats
B09. Nayos

C01. Malaise
C02. Peitha's Flame
C03. To Fell a King
C04. Eparch's Finest
C05. Might of the Cosmos
C06. An Army of Avarice
C07. The Bloodied Lord
C08. A Promise

D01. For the Ward!
D02. The Realm of Dreams
D03. Drum of the Hunt
D04. Vertigo
D05. Maelstrom of Brawn
D06. From Dusk
D07. Marching Orders
D08. The King's Paragon

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