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Castle In The Sky: Soundtrack - Joe Hisaishi (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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Soundtrack includes the insert song ‘’Kimi o Nosete.’’ Jacket image is the Tiger Moth, the airship of the Doras the air pirates, which appeared in ’’Castle In The Sky."

Release Notes
  • Japanese import
  • Housed in a gatefold jacket with an OBI strip
Track List
  1. Girl Who Fell From The Sky
  2. Morning of Slag Valley
  3. Funny Fight (Pursuit)
  4. Memories of Gondoor
  5. Passo of Disappointment
  6. Robot Army (Resurrection/Rescue)
  7. Picking Up the Choir (Chorus/Suginami Children's Choir)
  8. Pointing You (Singing/Annie Inoue)

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