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Evoland (Original Soundtrack) - Camille Schoell (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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Soundtrack to the video game "Evoland", developed by Shiro Games.
Limited to 500 numbered copies (silver sticker on back).

Track List

A1 Airship
A2 Aogai
A3 Battle HD
A4 Battle
A5 Crystal Cave
A6 Death
A7 Endgame
A8 Evoland 8 Bits
A9 Evoland 16 Bits
A10 Evoland HD

B11 Final Boss
B12 Noria Mines
B13 Papunika
B14 Sarudnahk I
B15 Sarudnahk II
B16 Sarudnahk III
B17 Title Screen
B18 Victory HD
B19 Victory

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